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Bringing together Nordic functionality and Japanese simplicity, our Japanese Bar Stool is a stylish and gorgeous bar stool, which will make an eye-catching statement in any modern home. The bar stool is made from beautiful, solid oak, and works perfectly as a bar stool in the home bar or as a decorative pedestal for flower arrangements and the like. 

With its architectural, sleek lines and minimalistic, elegant expression the Japanese Bar Stool is an aesthetically beautiful bar stool that adds a sophisticated design touch to your interior. The bar chair is multifunctional and can be used for a variety of different purposes and spaces; with its lovely counter-height and comfortable, integrated footrest, this bar stool is ideal as a bar stool in the home bar, where you can enjoy a drink after work or with friends for a party. The bar stool is also well suited as a gallery inspired pedestal where you can display decorative things like our Wooden Galaxy or one of our plant Bowls with a lovely, green plant. Are you looking for a bar stool for the kitchen table or kitchen island, we instead recommend our Japanese Bar Stool Ideal, which is 10 cm lower than this bar stool and therefore suits the height of a kitchen count. The design of the Japanese Bar Stool reflects the functionality and craftsmanship of traditional Nordic furniture and the Japanese eye for minimalistic, beautiful details. The material used for the bar stool is solid oak wood, which over time will gain a lovely patina, and the surface has been infused with a matte Junckers’ oil to safeguard it against any discoloration. The Japanese Bar Stool is truly the perfect mix of functional and visually appealing design.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Japanese Bar Stool
Material: Junckers neutral oiled solid oak 
Dimensions: L: 16" x W: 12" x H: 29.3"

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