Setomono Coffee Cup

Kristina Dam Studio

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Can't start the day without a cup of joe? Now you can enjoy your cup using our brand new Setomono cup. Made of smooth fine stoneware and designed with a focus on shape and line –  The Setomono Cups in off white color will suit any morning table. 

The Setomono Cup – simple and straightforward and easy to fit in with the rest of your tableware. It has been a long wait - we have been waiting for so long to launch this new piece of tableware into our collection. The Setomono Cup is everyday stoneware with a clear Scandinavian design – produced in our European factory, that specializes in high-quality fine stoneware. All our tableware-designs in the Setomono Series are glazed & burned twice to reach the highest strength and maximum durability. This makes this off white colored cup perfect for everyday use since it can withstand both the microwave oven and the dishwasher. Levitate your coffee experience and drink your morning cup of joe from this beautiful cup. If you are having guests for brunch try serving their food on our brand new Japanese Wood Boards. Kristina Dam now presenting fine stoneware and tableware into our collection, but we are keeping the same values when designing: simplicity with a graphic touch. 

Please be aware that due to the matte finish of this fine stoneware the Setomonos are more prone to scratches and marks from cutlery.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Setomono Bowl
Material: Fine Stoneware
Color: Off White
Dimensions: 12 fl oz. | D: 3.5" x H: 4"


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