Bauhaus Lounge Chair Seating Cushion, Black Leather

Kristina Dam Studio

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A high quality cushion made of fine black leather. It is specially designed for the Bauhaus Lounge Chair by Kristina Dam Design Studio and provides you with a perfect seating comfort when resting on the lounge chair. The Seating Cushion is a made from black or light brown Aniline Leather. 

The Bauhaus Lounge Chair is part of the new Kristina Dam Studio collection. This high quality seating cushion is made from leather and it is a long longed item. At Kristina Dam we are very pleased that we know are able to offer our costumers this possibility. Designed especially to fit the size of the lounge chair and ensure a high comfort level when lounging in the chair.  Of course, you are able to buy the seating cushion without having to buy the Bauhaus Lounge Chair too. 

At Kristina Dam Studio we always strive to use the best possible materials. Only genuine and solid materials are selected in our European production. In order to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel all items from our collections are made in the EU.  Kristina Dam Studio is on a steady mission to make art and interior design merge; that being both in furniture, accessories and sculptures.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Seating Cushion
Material: Black Aniline Leather 
Dimensions: L: 23" x W: 24" x H: 1"


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