Opal Bowl, Topaz Brown, Large

Kristina Dam Studio

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A glass bowl with a soft and minimalist silhouette. The large Opal glass bowl is an eye-catching piece of danish designed glassware. A timeless bowl and a perfect centerpiece or gift idea. 

Perfectly suitable to serve salads, snacks or fruits. The Opal Glass Bowl from Kristina Dam Studio is truly an eye-catching piece of glassware. This large glassware bowl is ideal for both displaying or for serving. The Opal Bowl is truly a centerpiece-worthy take on the traditional serving bowl. Simple and purposeful glassware, this is the ideal combination of form and function. The unique double layering of the glass bowl underlines the transparentness of the glass. And this quality of being clear and transparent is furthermore the distinctive key feature of the Opal Bowls design. The double layered glass also makes the glassware bowls much lighter. The Opal Bowls glassware series is available in two colors and two sizes. This Large bowl is painted Topaz brown but the Opal glass bowl also comes in a opal beige color. The soft curved design of the Opal Bowl gives it a luxurious and retro-design look. The glass is mouth-blown and painted with the topaz brown color. This bowl will most definitely make a perfect gift. Looking for more glassware - check out our small Capsule drinking glass tumblers.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Opal Bowl
Material: Mouth-Blown Glassware Painted Topaz Brown
Dimensions: D: 14.1" x H: 7.8"


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