03 Fabric Softener - Rhubarb and Birch


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33.8 fl. oz | 1000 ml

A fabric softener that leaves the clothes soft, easy to iron and pleasant-smelling after every wash.

The fabric softener contains natural extracts of rhubarb and birch, which has caring and soothing properties.

The fabric softener protects the fibers in the fabric and helps your favorite items stay soft after every wash. The fabric softener has a delicate scent that matches the HUMDAKIN Laundry Soap.

This product is a concentrate. Always use as directed. Do not use the detergent with wool or silk. When dosing the detergent, think about the environment - do not overuse. Excessive use does not make the clothes any softer and is harmful to the environment.

We recommend using 1 capful per wash, which is equal to 1 tablespoon, or 15 ml.
1000 ml / 60-65 washes

HUMDAKIN’s liquid products are free of parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical perfumes, endocrine disrupting substances and carcinogens. HUMDAKIN’s products contain allergy friendly perfume and only mild preservatives. HUMDAKIN’s liquid products are dermatologically testet.

The packaging is made of reusable plastic.

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