Kristina Dam Studio Arch Candleholder Vol. 1, Stainless Steel

Kristina Dam Studio

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The Arch candle holder vol. 1 is part of a series of simple no-nonsense designed candleholders available in black or stainless steel. A fashionable candle holder that adds a graphic element to your living room or windowsill. The geometrical shapes of the Arch candle holder series are both sculptural and functional. The design of the Arch Candleholder vol. 1 is just a single arch with a holder for one single candle attached to the outside of the arch. Use this striking candleholder all year around. The Arch candle holders are available in three different designs and two materials. 

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Arch Candleholder
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: L: 3.2" x W: 1" x H 4.7"


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