Kristina Dam Studio Block Sculpture

Kristina Dam Studio

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The Block Sculpture is a unique sculptural piece from Kristina Dam Studio. The solid smooth sandstone plates lock into each other forming this magnificent sculpture. Sandstone has been used in mosaics, monuments and sculptures for centuries and thus a evident material for the Block Sculpture. One of the fours piece of the sculpture is made of red sandstone - same material as the rest of the Block Sculpture but that stone is just containing iron oxides which gives it a red appearance. The sculptures outward form and appearance manifests Kristina Dam Studios love for the great German Bauhaus art school founded by Walter Gropius.

Enjoy the Block Sculpture and place it on a pedestal, a small table, in your windowsill or directly on the living room floor. Just remember to place it at the exact angle that you like it the most. The Block Sculpture comes unassembled and is shipped flat-packed. When you receive it, all you have to do is to slide the four sandstone pieces together (no tools needed) as a small LEGO sculpture. 

Series: Kristina Dam Studio 
Material: Sandstone
Dimensions: L: 8.6" x W: 8.2" x H: 9"


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