Cubed Sofa 02, Aluminum, Full


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Pull the strap behind the cushion, lift the seat and step backwards as the supporting feet unfold unaided, fold down the backrest and the Cubed sofa is ready for lounging. Simple and easy conversion! Cubed Alu features a clean, minimalistic aluminum leg providing a timeless design for compact living. Use it as a comfortable guest bed measuring 55”x79” when friends and family stay overnight while serving perfectly as a 2-seater sofa during the day. An added feature is the small bedding box inside the seat.


Sofa Depth 38"
Sofa Width 58"
Sofa Height 31"
Seat Depth 20"
Seat Height 18"

Bed Width 55"
Bed Length 79"
Bed Height 15"
Mattress Height 8,5''

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