Cupola Sculpture, Off-White

Kristina Dam Studio

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The design of the Cupola Sculptures is based on the idea of a single unbroken movement giving the illusion of an infinite organic sculpture. This is especially illustrated when all three parts of the sculpture are staged together. 

A single stroke of a pen. The single curved movement is able to create a dome-like structure which we have named the Cupola Sculpture. The piece is made of off-white glazed earthware and the design draws inspiration from the architectural design aesthetic of classical arches, domes and pillars. The Cupola Sculpture is comprised of three individual pieces. Arrange and lay out the three sculpture arches in any fashion you like. If looking for a beautiful, head-turning sculptural art piece for your home interior, Cupola Sculpture is the piece for you. The Cupola Sculpture also comes in a breathtaking tobacco brown glazing. Give this earthware sculpture the prominent display that it deserves in your home. Utilize shelf spacing or place the sculpture on a mantel piece or use a pedestal to create the perfect display. This perfect pedestal could be our black steel Pedestal Table.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Cupola Sculpture
Material: Earthware with Off-White Glacing
Dimensions: L: 11.8" x W: 11.8" x H: 15.7"

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