Angle Foldable Stool, Black-stained

Form & Refine

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A stool that fits all needs and wants, whether the focus be upon form, functionality, comfort, or durability. The two sides of the seating base are angled 5 degrees towards each other. This unique design feature which facilitates surprising comfort for a stool making this an ideal choice for supplementary seating.

The leather band beneath the seat has a supporting brass rod which gives the stool a final touch of detail and a prominent form. In all, a very durable item because of its solid wood and strong side beams. The stool includes an angle hook in brass for wall mounting.

Series: Form & Refine Angle
Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Black-stained European Oak. Black Bend Leather
Color: Black-stained Oak
Dimensions: W: 14" x H: 19" x D: 16", Seat Depth: 9.2"
Weight: 7 lb
Place of Origin: Made in Portugal
Note: Including Angle Brass Hook , Large for wall mounting

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