Form & Refine Cross Cutting Board, Medium

Form & Refine

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The Cross Cutting Board is an unpretentious and very durable cutting board with the perfect size for most everyday use, for serving and cutting. The edges are rounded in three different diagonal angles which gives it an elegant detailing and makes the lifting easier.

"The shape of the cutting board evolved by exploring different edge profiles. When the two different edge profiles met at the corner a new expression occurred."

- Herman Studio

Series: Form & Refine 
Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Solid European Oak
Color: Food approved Oil
Dimensions:  L: 14.1" x W: 9" x H: 0.7"
Weight: 35.2 oz
Place of Origin: Made in Europe

Not dishwasher safe. Clean the surface with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry. Care and Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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