Echo Coat Rack 88, Black

Form & Refine

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A flexible multi-purpose rack with a simple functional design to hang your coat, hat or scarf in the hallway. The beauty of the framework and the formation of the pegs creates a structured design constituted by recognizable repetitions.The pegs are carefully detailed and have a curved form with a robust foundation. The sturdy and strong backrest provides durability and means that the coat rack can take considerable weight. The coat rack has space for up to 18 Jackets but can accommodate more by doubling up across the 18 pegs.

"We wanted to make a coat rack where repetition becomes an essential element of the expression. By repeating the same hook many times and putting them in a row, a graphically beautiful rhythm is created. The shape of the hooks is pointed softly to be able to better grip the jackets that are hung."  – Herman Studio


Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Solid European Oak 
Color: Black Stained
Dimensions: L: 34.6" x H: 3.1" x D: 2.7"
Weight: 2.6lb
Place of Origin: Made in Europe

Care and Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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