Form & Refine Lightweight Stool, White Oak

Form & Refine

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A very versatile and ultra-light weight stool to be used for extra seating, an elegant design object or side table. Even though it is very light in weight there is no compromise in quality, the stool is remarkably sturdy and strong. This piece boasts highly detailed woodwork and minimalistic wooden slat repetition.

"With the Lightweight, we wanted to pay tribute to classic carpentry traditions by constructing the furniture with beautiful and old-style wooden joints. We wanted to make a light impact furniture in both a visual and physical sense which reflects the quality grounded in our contemporary design language. The design is graphically tight but at the same time soft and tactile when used." – Herman Studio


Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Solid European Oak
Finish: White Oil Treated
Dimensions: W: 15.7" x H: 17.7" x D: 11.6"
Weight: 5.5 lb 
Place of Origin: Made in Europe

Care and Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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