Form & Refine Pillar Storage Box, Large, Warm Grey

Form & Refine

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A multipurpose, high quality, and distinctive storage box for all domestic or hospitality spaces. The four significant solid pillars have a small rounded top to make it easy to stock the boxes without them tipping over. It also creates a unique compelling form with a clear shadow line when the boxes are stacked.

Able to take considerable weight and it is possible to stack as many as desired. Due to careful and measured design these storage boxes can stand alone on the floor or fit onto shelving. 

Designer: Rasmus Palmgreno
Material: Solid European Beech and Plywood Beech Sheets
Color: Warm Grey
Dimensions: L: 18.1" x W: 14.4" x H: 10.6"
Weight: 6.1 lb
Place of Origin: Made in Poland

Clean with a mild soapy water solution

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