Form & Refine Rim Pinboard 75 x 75, White Oak

Form & Refine

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The Rim Pinboard is a design element composed of 100% recycled canvas and solid wood. These two material components result in a natural and warm look, which provide an aesthetically pleasing functional object for the modern living space. The Pinboard is an aid in organizing and inspiring your daily life by presenting ideas in a modern and welcoming style. The small shelf below also provides a functional way of storing smaller objects, including pens and pencils. The canvas consists of a 100 % recycled waste material including a mix of recycled PET and upcycled cotton garment. The wood is made of local certified European solid wood.

"We wanted to make a pinboard with a small shelf, something which is not often included on such objects but would be useful for storing small items like needles and pens. We were looking for a warm and soft look where the fabric should match the warmness of the oak. The frame of the pinboard has a large radius on the back which lifts it from the wall with a soft shadow."  – Herman Studio


Designer: Herman Studio
Material: Solid European Oak. 100% Recycled Canvas
Color: Natural Oil Treated
Dimensions: W: 29.5" x H: 29.5" x D: 4.3"
Weight: 16.5 lb
Place of Origin: Made in Europe

Care and Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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