Form & Refine Shoemaker Chair™, No. 68, Beech

Form & Refine

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A true classic made in Denmark since 1936 – where it still to this day is produced by our local joinery. The seat is shaped out of one large solid piece of wood and because of the variations in the woodgrain, every Shoemaker Chair™ is completely unique. Together, the turned legs and the stabilizing T connection create a harmonic and aesthetic piece of furniture with strong references to the Nordic design universe. The construction may look rather simply , but it is technically difficult to master. The solid piece of wood has to be carved very accurately to ensure the highest comfort. At the end of the process every model is finished by hand before going into a three - step process of staining or oiling surface treatments. 

Series: Form & Refine Shoemaker Chair™
Designer: Werner
Material: Solid White Oiled European Beech
Color: White Oil Finish
Dimensions: W: 21" x H: 27" x D: 17.5"
Weight: 9 lb
Place of Origin: Made in Denmark

Oil replenishment recommended 1-2 times a year. Care and Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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