Globe Sculpture, Red, Medium

Kristina Dam Studio

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The medium sized Globe Sculpture is a welcoming, decorative terracotta sphere glazed with red engobe. The globes are available in three earthy colors and sizes. 

Display the medium globe sculpture alone or in combination with the other two available globe sculptures. Together, they will make a beautiful stilleben of sphere sculptures within your home. The Globe (or sphere) comes in a earthy red engobe color that fits into any modern home setting. As simple as a globe is, it is nevertheless a beautiful and delicate form perfect for home interior styling. Use the delightful globe sculptures as mobile design elements that can easily change the look and appearance of your interior styling in a fashionable way. The Globe Sculptures are available in 3 sizes each having a different color. The small Globe Sculpture comes in soft toned beige engobe color, the large globe sculpture in a neat grey engobe terracotta.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Globe Sculpture
Material: Terracotta with Red Engobe
Dimensions: D: 9" x H: 8.6"


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