Grid Cabinet, Beige

Kristina Dam Studio

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Despite its large size the Grid Cabinet appears light and agile. The allure of the perforated steel surfaces lets you see the silhouettes of the items stored inside. A perfect opportunity to curate a lovely vignette of your dearest belongings. The Grid Cabinet is the ideal storage solution for the contemporary home. 

Crafted from semi-transparent plates of perforated steel, edged with a powder-coated beige frame the Grid Cabinet allows a brief view of the objects stored inside. This classic stationery cabinet / cupboard has three perforated steel shelves leaving enough room for a large number of your favorite items. The cabinet doors swing outwards from the center when opened. The doors are kept in place by a magnetic lock. The beige Grid Cabinet is ideally utilized for home organization – letting you display a handful of your most treasured objects in an elegant way. And why not display your wines and glassware in your modern kitchen environment. The Grid Cabinet is a large and solid storage unit ideal storage solution for the contemporary home. The Grid cabinet by Kristina Dam is truly a captivating cabinet piece with an outstanding functionality and striking design.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Grid Cabinet
Material: Beige Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: L: 30" x W: 17.7" x H: 51.5"


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