Kristina Dam Studio Grid Sideboard, Beige

Kristina Dam Studio

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Already a modern design classic within the Kristina Dam Studio collection, The Grid Sideboard is now also available in a soft beige color. Minimalistic with crystal clear lines and a pellucid appearance. The grid sideboard comes with two fixed perforated steel shelves. The three sideboard doors opens outwards and closes with a magnetic lock. The top plate of the Grid Sideboard is made of perforated beige steel, just like the top plate is on our Grid Cabinet. Large cupboards like the Grid Sideboard has been popular for generations due to their ability to store and display any favourite accessories.

Use the sideboard as an office furniture. It is a great choice capable of storing large quantities of your office paperwork and desk utilities. We are sure that the popularity of this type of large furniture will continue for ages and that the Grid Sideboard will find its way into the interior of many modern homes.

Kristina Dam Studios tagline is "Sculptural Minimalism".  Each piece from the collection is designed to add a graphic, sculptural touch. The materials used in the production are solid and genuine and the sideboard is manufactured within the EU.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Grid Sideboard
Material: Beige Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: L: 63" x W: 14.1" x H: 28.3"
Shelf Height: Top shelf 5.1" | Bottom shelf 12.5"


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