Brick Sculpture

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A single, unbroken line emanating from one starting point and continuing in the infinite. Inspired by the architectural lines of Greek arches and vaults, this beautiful porcelain sculpture is bound to add a unique touch to your home environment. 

Brick Sculpture is the newcomer in the sculpture range of Kristina Dam Studio Designs. Showcasing a distinct modern and simple design, the sculpture is inspired by the architectural design of greek arches and vaults. Emanating from one starting point, the sculpture is designed as the idea of a single unbroken line, which gives the illusion of an infinite, organic sculpture. If you are looking for a beautiful and head-turning art piece for your home, Brick Sculpture is the right piece of high end interior accessories for you. Give the Brick Sculpture the prominent display it deserves and enjoy how it changes its surroundings. 

Ever since the beginning, Kristina Dam (founder of Kristina Dam Studio) has released two new sculptures a year into her range of Danish design objects and furniture. Although unique in their own way, every piece in the collection is linked together by a common vision – that is, to push the limits of what you might think is achievable within the field of home interior alone. Merging art and interior design is key when Kristina designs new sculptures for the collection combining beautiful materials and architectural shapes. All sculptures are eye-catching statements and can be considered as a small art piece. It is therefore no surprise that the launch of each new sculpture is followed with much anticipation in design circles worldwide.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Brick Sculpture
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: L: 8" x W: 8" x H: 8

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