Marble Circles

Kristina Dam Studio

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Two unbroken circles make this stunning changeable black marble sculpture. A very popular gift for weddings and engagement parties. The Marble Circles is an elegant accessory, two interlocking marble circles that will suit every modern interior and habitat. 

Add your personal touch by arranging the circles as you like – standing, lying or balancing. This beautiful sculpture is a token of love and relations and the perfect wedding gift – 2 rings united forever! The solid beautiful black marble circles are gently sculpted by hand, and like any object from the Kristina Dam Studio collection, the Marble Circles are manufactured within the European Union. If you like to arrange objects in general and style your home using different materials, please take a closer look at the Desk Sculptures and create an ever-changing stilleben in your home or office space. In order to join the two marble rings together, one of the rings has been cut in half and gently re-assembled and then connected with the protagonist marble ring. 

The work produced by Danish design studio Kristina Dam is never anything short of stunning. Every design object from the collection ethos and philosophy could be described as Nordic Minimalism, with a focus on simple graphic lines, attention to detail and carefully selected materials.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Marble Circles
Material: Black Marble 
Dimensions: L: 12" x W: 8" x H: 8" (circle thickness 1.1")


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