Kristina Dam Studio Shadow Candlestick

Kristina Dam Studio

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A large and graphic candleholder made in powder-coated steel. Enjoy how candlestick casts its shadow onto your table or windowsill or just use it as a sculpture. The shadow candlestick is the  perfect companion to the dash candlestick. 

You know that candles aren't just for soft lighting. Put one in a striking holder and it becomes a decorative piece. The Shadow Candlestick is a simple and lightweight holder and a perfect design option for your table. Enjoy how candlelight reflects the pattern of the holders structure upon your table and wall. If you don't want to use it to hold candles you can easily use it as an ordinary decoration object. The matte black steel fits every modern interior. The Shadow Candlestick is a statement piece that would look great illuminating a bedside table or study desk. 

Kristina Dam Studio is a danish design studio offering a variety of furnitures, sculptures and accessories for the all modern interior. All products are made within the European Union from genuine and solid materials. All furnitures are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark and made with a profound respect for the Scandinavian design legacy. We call our approach to the design of furniture and sculptures for Sculptural Minimalism.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Shadow Candlestick
Material: Black Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: L: 8" x W: 7" x H: 14.5"

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