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The Stair Sculpture is a true piece of art! Made of terracotta the Stair Sculpture is all about appearance. It has a modern and yet distinct architectural feeling to it and the roughness of the texture of this art piece is evident. 

Every year Kristina Dam designs a piece of art for the collection. The Stair Sculpture is a product hereof. The only objective of this fine art object is to draw your attention and let you enjoy its structure, shape and proportions. You can enjoy the Stair Sculpture from every angle and place it wherever you like in your home – on a table, in the windowsill or on the floor. 

Be inspired by this project where you can enjoy the Stair Sculpture on the floor at Metz showroom. The concrete of the sculpture brings that urban feel into your living room - alluring, crude and with that unmistakeable fuzzy concrete surface. 

The tagline for Kristina Dam Studio is: we define sculptural minimalism – and creating an art piece or sculpture for each and every collection is a must for Kristina, being a former art painter herself. Besides the sculptures Kristina Dam Studio offers a variety of danish design furniture and accessories – all produced within the European Union and made from first class materials. All furnitures are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark. See the sculpture collection – The Double Moon Sculpture made of glass and marble or our best selling sculpture piece for wedding gifts – The Marble Circles. 

The Stair Sculpture is moulded by hand and therefore variations in the surface structure and edges might occur.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Stair Sculpture
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: L: 6.4" x W: 6.4" x H: 6.4"


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