Kristina Dam Studio Wooden Galaxy, Black

Kristina Dam Studio

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Wooden Galaxy is a wider, flatter and lower version of the Wooden Sphere - identically beautiful and simple. Display your jewelry in this irresistibly wooden storage vessel. The Wooden Galaxy is available in solid oak or black painted hardwood. This beautiful accessory is made of two hand-turned wooden bowls that form an Asian / Japanese inspired sphere. Use the Wooden Galaxy as a decorative storage container or choose to use the lid as a separate bowl. 

The Wooden Galaxy's are one of the best selling accessories from Kristina Dam Design Studio. Danish licorice-maker Johan Bülow used Kristina Dam's wooden spheres and wooden galaxy's as displaying units when showcasing new assortments. 

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Wooden Galaxy
Material: Black Painted Hardwood
Dimensions: D: 6.2" x H: 3"


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