Wooden Sphere, XL, Black

Kristina Dam Studio

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The Sphere just got even bigger! The very popular wooden spheres is a Kristina Dam Studio bestseller. The Wooden Spheres are made out of solid oak or black painted hardwood. The two hand-turned wooden bowls form a perfect circle when united. Use the XL Wooden Sphere for storage or separate the two bowl and use them as trays or a vessel for displaying your jewelry. 

The Wooden Sphere is in very high demand because of their incredible beautiful design and ability to display a wide range of smaller items in the most handsome way. The Wooden Spheres are in very high demand and now this bestselling danish design item is available in an XL version. A bigger volume makes it able to contain and show off even more of your jewels, makeup, sweets or whatever you wish to style and display. XL Wooden Sphere – available in solid oak or black painted hardwood. Kristina Dam Studio offers a variety of accessories, furniture and sculptures. Every single product is manufactured within the European Union from genuine materials and all products are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark. If the design of the Wooden Sphere is too circular for you, maybe you should give the wooden galaxy from Kristina Dam Studio a closer look.

Series: Kristina Dam Studio Table
Material: Black Painted Hardwood 
Dimensions: D: 6.2" x H: 7"


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