Kristina Dam Studio Lacuna Shape

Kristina Dam Studio

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Crafted in smooth sandstone the Lacuna Shape is a graceful and sculptural desk piece. The light grey sandstone is stunning on its own and the sleek finish of the bowl gives the Lacuna Shape a luxurious feel. The sides of the Lacuna Shapes square formed base are cut roughly deliberately leaving chip mark around its edges. The contrast between the neat and smooth sandstone bowl and the fragment base is key to the Lacuna Shapes final expression. The sandstone isn't food safe, but the vessel still offers your the opportunity to store keys, pencils or smaller design objects and accessories for display in the most stylish way possible.

The word "Lacuna" is best translated into "the unfilled space". With the Lacuna Shape from Kristina Dam Studio you will get a sculptural centerpiece to filled out that gap in your home in the most decorative way. 

Series: Kristina Dam Studio
Material: Sandstone
Dimensions: L: 9.8" x W: 9.8" x H: 3.5"


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