Minimalist Walnut Floating Nightstand


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When you have a favorite interior element – a piece of decoration, a sofa or a rug, anything you love and makes you happy all the time... it is pretty sad that they do not last forever. They get dirty, broken, lose their color and you know that the piece will not be with you even decades later. That's the way things are, we say, but why say that, if there is another way?

With a beautifully handcrafted, solid wood nightstand, you can have a long-term choice. This walnut floating nightstand was made with professional assembly, outstanding wood quality and finish, which will easily become your favorite interior piece – even for a lifetime. Solid wood furniture is durable, never goes out of fashion and can be restored even decades later, when other, cheap and low-quality furniture are already forgotten.


MINIMALIST walnut floating nightstand made of high-quality American walnut wood

– impeccable craftsmanship by mybettershelf


  • professional assembly (used materials: mdf, plywood, solid wood)
  • hand-picked wood with oil finish

  • french cleat mounting



This walnut floating nightstand is available in 3 standard dimensions

  • small 14"w x 10"d x 4"h

  • medium 16"w x 12"d x 5"h

  • large 19"w x 14"d x 5,5"h



  • Your order plants a tree! By selecting this product with a wooden drawer front, you contribute to sustainability. After each order, we plant a tree via the MyForest community forests organization.



  • As this is a made-to-order floating nightstand, the wood color and wood grain may be different than the photo in the advertisement. 

  • By default, this nightstand does not include drawer slides 

  • The 3 sizes have slightly different ratio (the photo shows the medium size).

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