Oak Dish Brush - Tampico


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Dish brush in dark oak wood with 100% plant-based tampico bristles. Tampico comes from the Agave lechuguilla plant. The very durable bristles are stiff and retain their shape well. This brush is perfect for daily cleaning with the HUMDAKIN dish soap as well as a more abrasive, thorough dish cleaning after a pot or pan has been soaking in water.

The new, long dish brush is practical and stylish. The dish brush comes in two looks: dark wood brush with tampico bristles and a dark wood brush with bristles made from horse hair! Both types are made sustainably and you can choose which brush is right for you!

Oak is heavy, hard-wearing and highly durable. The wood is a dark grey-brown with a clearly visible grain pattern, making it a very beautiful wood species.

Tip: Have an organizing bucket or other holder by your sink so you can stylishly organize your dish brush and dish soap. Always let the brushes dry with the bristles facing upwards.

Material: Shaft : 100% Oak wood | Bristles: 100% plant-based Tampico
Dimensions: 8.6” x 1.5”

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