Serene Flowerpot, Sand Engobe, XL

Kristina Dam Studio

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The Xtra large Serene Flowerpot is a modern designer-vase with a bold appearance from Kristina Dam Studio. The inside of the Serene Flowerpot is glaced making it able to contain water for the living flowers that you might place in it. Kristina Dam’s pledge of sculptural minimalism and affection for arches is embodied in the Serene flowerpots. With a distinct silhouette, the half-circle foot uplifts the tubular flowerpot from the ground with an asymmetric, that gives them a mind-blowing and sculptural expression. The sculptural flowerpot will amplify the style of any home and enable you to present flowers and bouquets in the most fashionable possible. Style your home with the stylish and minimalistic Serene Flowerpots. The pots are so handsome that you might even consider them as a centerpiece on your coffee table. 

Dimensions: 10.2" D x 11.8" H
Material: Terracotta with Sand Engobe


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