Zero Outdoor Chair


Zero is an innovative project for a totally green chair made from recycled plastic.‎ It's a product that's easy to store, ship, and transport, and can be quickly assembled.‎ The seat and backrest can be easily replaced if damaged, making the product renewable from a sustainable point of view.‎ Zero is made entirely of thermoplastic technopolymer with 100% recycled polyolefins; an environmentally friendly product as it is made by recycling industrial waste that would otherwise be disposed of.‎ In addition to avoiding the use of new fossil resources, it recycles industrial waste and waste that returns as raw materials in the production cycle, without compromising the aesthetic and functional performance of the product.‎ A saving for the industry and the environment, in line with the principles of the circular economy.‎ Zero was born as a research project but also as a reflection on industrial development; a project that is not only focused on the design but is inextricably linked to other elements such as sustainability, sales methods, use and disposal.‎

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